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Since 1980, Moked emun 99 continues to specialize in alarm monitoring With professional industry-leading standards 24 hours a day for 365 day year.

Please feel free to contact us 24\7, we will gladly be of your assistance
09-9556146 , 077-955614

Moked emun 99 is one of the largest monitoring and dispatching companies in Israel.
Our large customer base spans from the region of Netanya in the north thru the Sharon area to the Tel-Aviv metropolitan in the south Utilizing one of the largest patrol vehicles fleet.

Our services includes alarm monitoring, video surveillance (CCTV) monitoring, fire detection systems. emergency panic monitoring and security guard for special occasions and more.
we offer security guards services in reasonable prices so anyone can feel safe.
The company is committed to personal service for its clients from the first sales call to system installation and day to day services.

Our company is dedicated to reliably and efficiently fulfilling your security needs. From a system-technology perspective, Moked emun 99 is one of very few monitoring and patrol companies worldwide who have redundant mainframes located in an off-site location.
Along with specialized software system used only by few leading companies around the world.
Whether installing intrusion detection alarm systems, video surveillance recording systems or fire systems, Moked emun 99 is devoted to
demonstrating the utmost in professionalism and advanced technologies.

We’re excited that you’re visiting our web site and encourage you to take a look around and contact us so we can get you in touch with one of our security specialists

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